OverTheWire Bandit Walkthrough – Level 7 to 12 – CTF for Beginners

Context: https://kongwenbin.com/overthewire-bandit-walkthrough-level-0-to-6-ctf-for-beginners/

Here’s a continuation of the OverTheWire Bandit Wargame Step-by-step Walkthrough with Explanations which is specially created for beginners who are keen to learn!

🔎 Check out the playlist here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=93PE-kStl34&list=PL2mncq0mb-6ibI02KufoaXnZHgNc6G9dO

The series should be very useful for people who are new to cybersecurity and want to learn more about things like Linux, system security or just enjoy solving challenges in general! 💪

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