How to Get Started in Bug Bounty for Beginners

👋 Previously, I shared the bug which I focused on in the past when I first started my bug bounty journey (

💬 Many folks have reached out to me to asked for guidance and steps on how to even get started, and also, whether they are technically skilled enough to become a bug bounty hunter 🎖️

📽️ In this video, I went through many of the burning questions that people have asked me, such as the technical skills required to get started, how to stay updated, what resources to follow, and more! 😉

🙌 So if you are a bug bounty beginner or an aspiring bug hunter with all these burning questions as well, do check out this video! I hope it is helpful to you!

kongwenbin: I am a security enthusiast, penetration tester and bug hunter who has a great passion in the area of information security. I love to share. Please feel free to leave a comment on my posts. Learning never stops!
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