Hacking for n00bz – Level 12

In level 12, we see the familiar Yoda from level 1 again. It says “Dig deeper!”

Since they used back the same image from levelone, let us do a quick comparison between these 2 pages. The appearance are the same except for the words “May the source be with you!” vs “Dig deeper!”

What about the source code?

Yes, I bet you have noticed it too – the newly inserted Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) file.

<link href="css/design.css" rel="stylesheet">

When you open it, it simply show you a class with a color element, of which the color hexadecimal is obviously not a color reference. So, what is it? A flag, perhaps?

 color: #696e666f7365635f666c616769735f686579696d6e6f7461636f6c6f72;

Once again, let’s use the same hexadecimal-to-string converter to perform the conversion, and now we have the flag – “infosec_flagis_heyimnotacolor

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